Frequently Asked Questions

What is Parfums d’Orsay about?

Parfums d’Orsay proposes a full Fragrances universe: Sur Soi, a range of body fragrances imagined like portraits of anonymous aesthetes, Chez Soi, a range of home fragrances reminding dear moments, and Olfactory instruments, precious items to elegantly diffuse your favorite scents.

What is Sur Soi and Chez Soi ?

Sur Soi is a palette of 5 body perfumes, imagined like portraits, and named after the initials of the personalities who inspired them? We keep their identity secret…
Chez Soi is a range of 5 home fragrances, designed to remind a dear instant, and named after those mysterious hours.

What is the Olfactory Questionnaire about?

the Olfactory Questionnaire is a poetic and instrospective questionnaire, revealing the three facets of your Soul: Absolu (its essential side), Inattendu (its unexpected side), Défendu (its dark side).

>What is the D’Orsay Catalytic Diffusion Instrument about?

The Catalytic Diffusion Instrument is a decorative and powerful diffuser for your home. It is made of massive brass and will get a patina with time passing by. The Catalytic Diffusion Instrument is compatible with the Chez Soi line (Home fragrances).

How long does a 100 ml refill last?

A 100 ml refill will provide 8 hours of continuous diffusion. We recommend keeping the flame lit for at least half an hour (for a space of 10 square meters) and stopping the diffuser as soon as the desired fragrance intensity is reached. The advantage of the catalytic fragrance diffuser is that diffusion will continue even after the flame is extinguished.

What is the Olfactory Fetish

The Olfactory Fetish is a precious and perfumed item, designed for a nomadic and personal diffusion. It is available in three sizes and adapted to a bag, a suitcase, a drawer… to take with you your favourite fragrance. The Olfactory Fetish is compatible with the Sur Soi products (body fragrances) and Chez Soi products (Home fragrances).

How often should I refill the Olfactory Fetish?

Shake the diffuser from time to time to stimulate the beads and rekindle the fragrance. You can add more concentrate as soon as the intensity of the fragrance begins to decrease.

Where are D’ORSAY fragrances made?

All Maison D’ORSAY fragrances are developed and manufactured in France. Our fragrances are manufactured either in Paris or Grasse, then packaged on-site. The glass we use is made in a dedicated factory in the Glass Valley, between Normandy and the Hauts-de-France region.

Where are D’ORSAY diffusion devices made?

All of Maison D’ORSAY’s creations are designed and manufactured in France.
Each D’ORSAY fragrance object is crafted by hand at our Haut-Doubs workshop in France.

Who are the perfumers behind D’ORSAY fragrances?

Our perfumes are intrinsically mysterious as they reflect individual souls. D’ORSAY works with well-known, independent and passionate perfumers. Each nose works on a single fragrance, depending on whether it’s an Ambivalent Portrait (Body Fragrance) or Stolen Moment (Home Fragrance) and what it stands for. We have chosen to keep the perfumers’ names anonymous to make sure the focus is on the portrait itself.

How should I clean the polished brass housing of the catalytic diffuser?

For brass with a polished finish, clean using a reliable brass cleaning product and a soft cloth. To clean the diffuser or restore its original appearance, please contact our customer service department for a quote.

How should I clean the bead fragrance diffuser?

To clean the diffuser or restore its original appearance, please contact our customer service department for a quote.

How long does a catalytic diffuser wick last and how should I care for it?

If used on a daily basis, a wick can be lit around 200 times on average. It should be replaced every 6 months. To keep dust from settling on the stone, leave the snuffer cap on after extinguishing the diffuser. To extend the life of the wick, use one wick per fragrance. Before using another fragrance, soak the wick and stone in alcohol for 15 minutes. D’ORSAY wicks are exclusively available at D’ORSAY retailers or at

Who is the person behind the initials of the D’ORSAY Ambivalent Portraits/Body Fragrances?

All our body fragrances are related to secret iconic people from history, film, literature or art. Their true identities cannot be revealed, but we hint at those individuals through a phrase we allocate to each scent.

What do the numbers on the fragrance devices stand for?

The first set of figures indicates the year the device was made.
The second set indicates the number of cut-outs for our catalytic diffusers or the height of the instrument (in millimetres) for our bead diffusers.

Why don’t the prices of D’ORSAY fragrances vary as per their concentrations?

Each fragrance is designed to offer the ideal fragrance signature. Once this signature has been defined, the concentration is adjusted until we obtain the ideal diffusion for the fragrance. D’ORSAY adopts the same level of care and unique craftsmanship for each of its creations to bring you a distinctive range of fragrance products.


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This test will reveal the three olfactory facets of your soul, by proposing a fragrance corresponding to each facet. Will you choose to wear Absolue - the essence of your soul -, Unexpected - which completes it -, or Defended, which reveals your dark side...…

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