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Meet the aesthete Giuseppe Zanotti, creator and shoe designer for Giuseppe Zanotti.

“There is a fil rouge between perfume and seduction”. Discover our interview with Giuseppe Zanotti, shoe designer.

What is your strongest olfactory memory?
My strongest olfactory memory dates back to when I used to go to the barber shop as a child. There was a specific scent in there, a mix of aftershave, cologne and also scented calendars and leaflets for the clients.
So, my experience with perfumes started very early in my childhood: I learnt very early to distinguish the fragrance of different flowers like Iris, Roses, Peach flowers, ect…
As a child, I was no into football, but rather into colors and scents.

Did you try a D’ORSAY fragrance?
Yes, I have tried it and it has been instant attraction. It is very delicate and to me it’s perfect for my state of mind these days.

What is the craziest declaration that has been made to you?
Indeed, I have lived a special situation, it was not a real declaration, beyond words, it was an emotional and passionate situation. A sort of inner vibration that made me realize that something was happening.

Is perfume a source of inspiration in your creative process at work or in your life?
Perfumes, colors, lights, and music are the perfect framework to reflect and transform a collection into sketches.

What scent would you like to make into a fragrance?
A fragrance made with iris, my favorite flower. I have in my garden is so intense and refined at the same time that no other Iris nor flower is like that. I would love to make a fragrance with that.

Perfume & Seduction: Does this sound still relevant to you?
There is a fil rouge between perfume and seduction. If you pay attention and are sensitive and a curious person you can find the perfect formula for seduction.
When I watch old movies with Greta Garbon, Joséphine Baker or Marilyn Monroe, I always imagine their perfume.

Tell us about a moment in your life when you wished for time to stop and that it would last forever?
Every time I visit a house of mine which faces the Indian Ocean, I wish that the sunset, which is super-fast, would last forever. Over that there are lots of scents, like the wild jasmine, the passionflower, the flower of lime. All of these fragrances, all together at sunset, represent a very intimate moment that no picture could represent.

What are your plans for this year?
Well, I think I’ll step into 2021 with little steps. I’ll be cautious and I’ll try to manage the moment which I hope will be liberating, with calm and without rituals nor celebration. It will be the start of a new life, which will carry with itself an experience that we will never forget.


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