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Meet the aesthete Philippe Uter, french Stylist of Hollywood celebrities

“Scents allow me to be creative, to travel.”
Discover our interview with Philippe Uter, french stylist in Los Angeles.

What is your strongest olfactory memory?
My holidays in the south of France where I used to spend all my childhood. We had a lot of lavender surrounding the house. The smell of lavender is a very simple, silly smell. Nowadays, I find that there are only a very few fragrances with a lavender base that have a similar scent to the decoctions I was making as a child. I would also say the smell of fresh sheets before the nap; to me these are more than just olfactory memories, they complete my childhood memories.

Do you wear a D’ORSAY fragrance?
I do wear “Les ombres fantastiques. A.R.” I love the masculine-feminine, warm and sultry side. I truly enjoy this fragrance.

What is the craziest declaration that has been made to you?
When my two great-nieces tell me that they are proud of me and that they love what I do. I personally think those are the sweetest words because it comes from the heart. The simplest things are often the best.

What is the most unusual place you have ever been asked on a date?
A date in a closed gymnasium at night. Kind of unusual.

Is perfume a source of inspiration in your creative process at work or in your life?
Directly no. However, fragrances, scents allow me to be creative, to travel. The olfactory memories of my childhood are where my mind wanders when I go through stressful times and that I need comfort to be able to relax.

What scent would you like to make into a fragrance?
The smell of fresh linens. Or capture the scent, the essence of the people I love. I live 11 hours away from my friends and family and I wish I could pull out a little bottle to spray and have them near me, that would be absolutely great.

Perfume & Seduction: Does this sound still relevant to you?
To me, the perfume is extremely important in seduction. After the physical attraction and the behavior, comes their perfume. It is in my opinion one of the three most important things, at first glance obviously. Unfortunately, recently, we were isolated from everything and everyone and with the mask this was no longer relevant. Leaving quarantine, I find myself appreciating more and more the different smells that surround me when I leave the house, the space in which I was confined for almost six months.

Tell us about a moment in your life when you wished for time to stop and that it would last forever?
Every time I’m happy, every time I’m traveling, discovering a new country, sharing moments with my friends, romance, even something silly like discovering a new favorite dish and eating until you are no longer hungry, hoping that it never ends …
Also all those times I was overflowed with emotions, whether it was joy, amazement or love.

What is your favorite time of the day?
In the morning, the start of the day, the weather is always nice in Los Angeles, it makes me want to start my day.
Around 4 p.m., towards the end of the day, we do start to get a little tired, but we are still working and we are excited to know how the day is going to end whether it is dinner with friends or family.
Around 6-7 p.m. happy hour, reuniting with loved ones with a glass of wine or a drink while watching the sunset.

What are your plans for this year?
Staying alive, staying healthy physically, but also mentally. It was very hard last year, and I think 2021 is not going to be that much easier either. I will focus on my career, my business and work. Recenter myself. Spending time with those I love and taking time for them, something that I did not particularly have the opportunity to do in 2020. Be happy and stay positive because this pandemic is hard, just like being in the middle of a dreadful week and we have the upcoming weekend in mind, except that this time we do not wait for days, but in years.


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